OGYouTube Current Status – What’s Going On?

Millions of people from all over the world are using YouTube each day. The platform offers a variety of content ranging music videos and blog to documentaries and fully-featured movies, all available for free. Those that leave in an area with unrestricted internet access are able to enjoy the service whenever they want but there people that aren’t that lucky.

In some cases users don’t have access to a high-speed connection or they have to use a strict data plan that limits the amount of data traffic that can be consumed each month. This has led to the appearance of video downloading apps, which allow people to download their favorite content in order to be able to watch it offline and share it with relatives and friends.

OGYouTube was one of the most popular video downloading apps. The app is a modified version of the YouTube app and featured a download button that could be used in order to quickly download your favorite videos without the need to switch between apps. A big plus was represented by the fact that it was also able to stream the content without issues.

While the app was quite popular the developer decided to discontinue the app back in 2017. The decision was justified by the fact that the app was actively breaching the terms and conditions imposed by Google and YouTube.

The app was retired and all the official sources were brought offline. Some fans tried to contact the developer in order to get access to the source code and continue the project but their request was denied.

As expected, there are several versions of the app that can be found on the internet in the form of APK files that can be downloaded and installed for free by anyone.  Keep in mind that the app hasn’t been updated in over 2 year and it is likely that it won’t work on newer version of Android.

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