Nintendo Switch Models At This Year’s E3?

Nintendo, the Kyoto-based company, is one of the biggest game producers in the world. It created franchises such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. Nintendo collected an impressive fanbase worldwide.

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to deliver to Nintendo fans. The company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa reported that rumors were false and no new Switch models will be announced at this year’s E3.

Why Is E3 So Important?

For those who have no clue what we’re talking about, Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is an annual three-day conference considered the most important gaming event in the world. E3 is not a public event. Its purpose is for developers, publishers and game manufacturers to exhibit and advertise their newest products that will be launched in the following year. This year, E3 will be taking place between June 11 and Jun 13, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

False Rumors

According to reports made at the beginning of the year, two new Switch models were planned. We know now that those affirmations were untrue.

However, Fukurawa said that Nintendo is always creating new hardware. Therefore, there is a chance the new models are in a state of development, but they certainly will not be released at this year’s E3.

After all, this should not surprise us. Nintendo is known for not following the industry’s calendar, choosing to work at their own pace. They prefer to have a more direct approach, communicating with their fans. For example, the release of the Switch consisted of a simple video posted on the internet that announced the new product.

Nintendo Could Be Planning A Surprise Release

In the end, Switch sales are still going very well. Speaking from experience, although we will not be receiving any Nintendo news at this year’s E3, an unpredicted release could still be made by the end of the year.

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