New Lord of the Rings Game from Daedalic Features Gollum

Warner Bros and Monolith Games have been the ones that have lead the way with Lord of the Rings games. The previous games Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor had the main focus on the character of Talion.

But now, a small German studio wants to give a new light on the game, more precisely at one character. The character in the new game Lord of the Rings, developed by Daedalic will be Gollum. The German studio has developed adventure games like Deponia and Dark Eye.

However, the information we have about the new game is that the main character is Gollum and that it’s based on the three books Lord of the Rings, by J. R.R. Tolkien. The game will follow Gollum’s path through the books, and it will explore some events and details along the journey.

So maybe we should expect for something that doesn’t break the original story but could have some new things added that we don’t see it in the books.

The CEO and co-founder of Daedalic, Carsten Fichtelman, has revealed that the story of Gollum will be told from a perspective never seen before, but also it will stay true to the books.

Moreover, from the books, we don’t know many details about what Gollum does on his journey. Not when he goes after the ring, not when he meets Shelob, or is captured and tortured in Mordor. After that, Gollum is released especially by Sauron, to follow him after that and find the location of the ring.

And his journey doesn’t stop here, because he is captured by Aragon in the Dead Marshes, and dragged to the court of Thranduil in Mirkwood. After that, Gollum escapes again and is hiding in the mines of Moria, where he will cross path with Frodo.

Finally, the announcement made by Daedalic Entertainment is that the new Lord of the Rings action-adventure game will be released in 2021. The game’s name will be The Lord of the Rings-Gollum, and it will be for Pc and other console platforms.

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