New Features in Google Maps – Create Public Events

Google Maps is developing a new feature in its application. We are talking about an option to create public events at locations or a specific business. It’s coming with many features like adding location, reviews, ratings, pictures and other useful information.

If you are curious about how this feature works, look for the Contribute tab in the Google Maps app. There you have the next step “Event” and the option to “Add a public event.” After that, you can edit the event name, of course, add the date and time for it. Moreover, you have the option to give a description to your event, add an image header and to give some tags about it. It’s a good thing to specify if there will be drinks, food, or if it’s something to celebrate.

The features could be a useful marketing tool for businesses. They can be a helpful tool to publicize without other marketing techniques.

It appears that “this new feature might not be available in some regions,” states Google. Also, it’s only available for Android at this point.

Thanks to Android Police who tested the new features, we know what kind of results they have gathered.

They have directly created the event, offering the details about name, address, time, date, categories, and a website. Most of the process went smooth, but Maps had some problems showing the actual event, though it appears in the events tab. Another issue was adding pictures outside the header image. But all these problems could be only a lag in the event creation process, and the page will be accessible.

Unfortunately, this useful feature could be abused by people who create fake events to attract a crowd somewhere. In case you notice that something is wrong, there is a “send feedback” button.

It will probably take some time for this feature to become famous and used, but for sure we’ll get to see exciting events and activities.

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