Netflix Will Have a Panel at E3: Their Twitter Thread With E3 Is Hilarious

Awesome news for Netflix fans! And to answer the question above – yes we are!

Exchanges on social media between accounts like Netflix and other big companies can become very hilarious, and if you don’t agree with us, then you haven’t seen their “announcement” this week.

In a funny post, Netflix (@NXOnNetflix) sort of announced that they will have a panel at E3, but it was all scripted to look like they were accepted by E3 on the spot, who said that they “think we can squeeze you in.”

Check out the entire thread here:

“Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games”

The streaming giant makes its debut this year at E3 by talking about their ambition to join in the video game train. Netflix will reveal more details about the Stranger Things game that will be available in July on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

As for “Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life,” we’ve all seen how innovative the interactive film Bandersnatch was and the fact that the company is now turning some of its original series into games is a great idea.

When E3 asked about what will be featured at the panel, the Twitter account @NXOnNetflix confirmed that they would talk about the Stranger Things game.

Looking back at how it all started, Netflix produced its own content – be it movies or series, after the company saw that the competition turned to streaming games. Netflix then stroke a partnership with Sirius to take some of the content to the radio. Now, video games are the next project, and considering Netflix constantly looks for more fresh opportunities, we’ll see the streaming giant try their hand at something else.

No matter their future plans, we’re excited to know that they’ll show up at E3, and cannot wait to learn more about the next games from other Netflix original series.

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