Mozilla Firefox Update Available to Download for iOS with New Improvements

Mozilla has released and designed the new Firefox web browser specifically for Apple’s iPad.

Mozilla’s announcement says “We know that iPads aren’t just bigger versions of iPhones. You use them differently; you need them for different things. So rather than make a bigger version of your browser for iOS, we made Firefox for iPad look and feel like it was custom made”.

With what features, tips, and tricks, is the new Firefox for iPad coming?

Split Screen Magic

Starting from now, Firefox for iPad supports split screen. Switching back and forth between applications is not productive, so from now on you can divide your screen. Having two apps side-by-side will make it easier for you to take notes or share links.  A great feature that could come in handy with your new Firefox browser is Firefox Lockbox for iPad. Just drag and drop usernames and passwords into login forms.

 Tab Management Is Unique

For better and more comfortable use of the tabs, they will be displayed as tiles. In that way, you can see what they are, and what to close or not. Because a lot of people love to have many tabs open, this new display will be handy.

Private Browsing at One Click Away

The new and easy way for a private mode on a browser is available with a single click. If you look for a purple private browsing icon down on the left corner, that’s your button.

The outlook for iOS is letting you choose

Unfortunately, Firefox fans can’t choose their default browser on iOS. But Outlook for iOs is letting you decide which browser do you want for your email link.

Send Tabs with Firefox Account

Step one, create a Firefox Account. Step two, sign in to Firefox on all your devices. Step three, send tabs between your tablet, phone or desktop.

Keyboard Shortcut

You can now interact with the browser using keyboard shortcuts for refresh (CMD +R), or find (CMD+F) and many other shortcuts.

Apple also recently launched two new iPads: a new iPad Air, and a new iPad Mini.

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