Motorola is Working on a New RAZR-like Foldable Device

Motorola may have swapped parent companies in recent times but the company has remained a great smartphone manufacturer. It can be said that the acquisition by Lenovo has lifted a significant pressure, allowing the company to create new and exciting devices.

It seems that Motorola wants to join the race for flexible devices. A series of patent s that have been recently filled hint towards a flexible smartphone that is inspired by the iconic RAZR flip phone. The patents themselves have been filled by Lenovo.

The patents and the schematics have been leaked online, sparking a series of debates on popular tech forums.

New looks, old looks

The design of the new device was heavily inspired by the successful RAZR feature phones. A selection of improvements can be spotted but the overall looks remind us of the first time when we saw the RAZR V3 back in 2004.

The device features a continuous screen that can be bent in the middle. On the upper side of the screen a stylish notch will probably house the front camera and an assortment of necessary sensors. The lower side features a thick chin. Some sources believe that Motorola will place small touch panel that features handy shortcuts on the chin. When the device is closed a secondary display will be active and the shortcuts panel will allow users to quickly access their favorite apps without the need to swipe through several home screens in order to find them. A rim marks the place where the speaker and microphone could be positioned.

It is likely that the rear camera will be mounted above the exterior display. A fingerprint sensor will also make an appearance and it could one of the in-display fingerprint sensors that are starting to become popular.

According to some sources, only 200,000 devices will be made. If the demand proves to be high enough more will be made in the future. The rumored price tag could reach $1,500. An official announcement could arrive in the following months.

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