Minecraft Aquatic Update Comes with PS4 Trophies and Full Patch Nodes

The Aquatic Update was released almost one year ago for all the PlayStation versions of Minecraft from that time. After the launch of some consoles like Xbox and Switch, and Windows 10, the update of Aquatic was more than waited, but we didn’t know for how long. But now we can finally talk about the Patch 1.90, with Aquatic Update on PlayStation 4, and some new trophies are part of it.

What Trophies Are in the New Update of Aquatic Minecraft?

We are talking about five trophies, which one of them is exclusive to the PS4 version of the game, and none of them are hidden.  The trophies are: Atlantis? – You have to find an underwater ruin; Organizational Wizard – you have to name a Shulker Box with an Anvil; Fruit on the Loom – you can craft a Banner using an Enchanted Apple; Plethora of Cats – you can befriend twenty stray cats; Sail the 7 Seas – you can visit all Ocean Biomes.

Let’s See the Full Patch Notes

  • The updated added the following features: Loom, Lectern, Lantern, Crossbow, Shields, Community Cat Skin, Pillagers, Banner stencils, Wood Blocks (Bark), six new Trophies;
  • The ability to create dyed Stained Glass from Glass Pane and Dye and dyed Carpet from White Carpet Dye has been added;
  • New textures have been added, textures like the Minecraft Classic Texture Pack (it’s built in), and Vanilla Texture;
  • You can now heal the cats by feeding them fish;
  • Chorus Fruit Flowers can now be destroyed with arrows;
  • You can make Furnace Fuel from Dead Brush;
  • Creepers will now drop Records if they are killed by a Stray;
  • Destroyed leaves will occasionally drop sticks;
  • Dispenser with Shears can now trim sheep when you activate them;
  • Two recipes are added: Rabbit Stew and Beetroot Soup;
  • The wet sponge will dry out more quickly if you let it in Nether and Warm Biomes.

Take note that the patch notes say that there are six trophies, but we found only five of them.

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