Master Rules of Survival with These Tips

PUBG revitalized the shooting genre, pitting players from all over the world in the battle to win the tasty chicken dinner. While PUBG was a success on PC and Xbox, the developer ignored the mobile market for a long while. This allowed other companies to push interesting battle royale titles and develop a loyal fan base.

Rules of Survival is one of the most popular battle royale titles for smartphones, and the game managed to retain a reasonable user base after the launch of PUBG Mobile.

Those that are new to the game can follow a comprehensive guide to improve their performance.

Pick the right mode

The game offers three distinct game modes: Solo, in which you play alone; Duo, which allows you to play with a friend or stranger and Squad, where you and up to three friends or strangers form a team.


Choosing the right location for landing can make a big difference. You can opt to land in an area filled with buildings to gain more loot but do note that these locations are picked by many players. Alternatively, you can land in a remote zone, pick what can and proceed to better zones to gather extra loot.  Try to land as fast as you can to grab some weapons.

Pay attention to your opponents

If one or more opponents wish to land in the same area, it is advised to pick a different landing zone. This will allow you to pick better weapons and then go after them to score some easy kills.

Look behind your back

Dying to a well-placed bullet isn’t fun. Check your perimeter and be sure that no one is coming after you. Try to hide from time to time and look for snipers or campers that usually wait behind trees or on the roof of high buildings. Don’t go into a house without closing the door and check to see if a room is free before you attempt to enter.

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