Latest WhatsApp Update Allows iOS users to Privately Answer Group Messages

WhatsApp has constantly remained the most popular messaging app in the world and sleuths of constant updates have improved the app overtime. Over 1, 5 billion users are using the app each month. The main advantage of the app is represented by the fact that it is compatible with a wide variety of platforms. The app works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs and across a variety of operating systems. Another advantage is the fact that each conversation is encrypted in order to keep your messages safe from those that would like to read them.

The latest update for the iOS platform has added a variety of new and useful features. One of the best is the ability to privately answer to a group message. This means that you will be finally able to state your thoughts and other members will not be able to see the content of your message.

In order to answer privately to a message you will have to long press on the message sent by the user you want to contact. A drop-down list will appear soon. Tap on More and then tap on the Reply Privately option.  A window will open and the message on which you taped will be visible. Type your message and hit the sent button. The job is done.

Another new feature allows users to add a selection of colorful stickers to photos, images and videos while they are being edited. Simply tap on the smiley icon that can be found on the upper side of the screen and pick the stickers you want to use.

Those that are on the go will be now able to use 3D Touch in order to preview that status and/or story of a contact.

It is likely that WhatsApp will continue to receive significant updates in the future. When the app was bought by Facebook many thought that the company will force some type of monetization but the app has remained completely free.

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