Is Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Coming to the Next Generation Consoles?

Battlefield: Bad Company is one of the first-person shooter developed by EA DICE that was launched in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PS 3 consoles. Now the game has eleven years since it was released and we are getting a new addition to the Battlefield: Bad Company series regarding the next generation consoles. Bad Company is the unique one from the series, and it features a full single-player campaign with characters.

More Details about Bad Company

Besides the other versions from the series, Bad Company 3 was developed for consoles and is opposed the previous titles that were mostly for PC and the game was focused on multiplayer, a large number of players. In Battlefield: Bad Company 3 you could make masses destruction starting with houses, walls, vehicles, an environment like all kind of vegetation, even the ground. You have military vehicles like tanks, infantry, armored cars, patrol boats, and attack helicopters. As a player, you will have one primary weapon and one secondary one, a combat knife, explosive, grenades, and other devices. The good part is that you can repair vehicles with power tools if those aren’t wrecked.

What Are the Leaks Saying about the Next Generation Consoles and the Game?

The leak has posted that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is going to be released with new generation consoles like Xbox and PS 5. This is the same leak that have offer us rumors about GTA 6 and its releasing date, about the two cities, and that PS’s 5 release date as well. Unfortunately for EA DICE, after the problem with the gaming community and Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, the company has faced a lot of heat with this issues, and now Battlefield: Bad Company 3 could be the salvation of the studio. They will make sure to give all of their power, creativity and hard work to makes this game be on top. But about the rumors, take them with caution, we don’t know if the source is credible.

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