iPhone XR’s Successor comes with a New 4×4 MIMO Antenna System

NASDAQ: AAPL, or Apple, wants to reduce the iPhone XR relative’s cost structure, and one way to do so os by giving it an inferior wireless antenna system because the company also needs to provide an additional marketing point for those pricier models. While gigabit LTE is supported by both iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, the download speeds are by way of a 4×4 MIMO antenna while iPhone XR, even though it has the same exact cellular modem chip just like its siblings, is held back by a less-sophisticated 2×2 MIMO antenna.

iPhone XR’s successor of this year, according to an analyst at Barclays (via AppleInsider) will change the situation. Based on the report provided by the analyst, a 4×4 MIMO antenna system will be introduced into the second-generation iPhone XR thanks to which its cellular performance will boost.

Now, it is time that you begin to believe this because we will provide you with some more evidence in support of what the analyst claims.

The additional evidence

One of the key wireless chip suppliers that give Apple the pieces they need is NASDAQ: AVGO, or Broadcom. While this company does not supply the device manufacturer with cellular modem chips, it still offers them various radio frequency (RF) chips and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combination chips. The phone would not be the same without these.

As more customers like what Apple puts into their phones, it benefits Broadcom even more because they would be required to manufacture more complex and expensive cellular subsystems.

What do you think about this rumor? Do you think that the 2018 iPhone XR was that good that it deserved a successor? Let us know what your opinions are regarding this subject and whether you trust this rumor or not.

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