iPhone in 2020: What’s New?

Starting with 2020 iPhones might sport a laser camera, and this news caught fans’ eye as it comes from a report that discusses the future of Apple’s iPhone. The revelations also happened in some other departments regarding the phone, the camera for example.

Bloomberg’s report that we talked about has also offered details about the future of the iPhone’s cameras. The 2019 versions might come with a three-camera setup that has automatic image correction. To be more precise, the thirds camera lens will be added to the next iPhone Max.

The additional camera will be a wide angle one, and it will improve the quality of the pictures. The pictures will come up clearer as Apple will use this combo of lenses to take in more light. In addition to that, the potential auto-repair would also correct the images in case there are subject cut off of it.

The triple lens setup in iPhone is no news to our ears as the first time we have ever heard about this was in 2018. Now that there is an official report coming from Bloomberg we can say that the future has become surer.

The iPhone XS or XR are not yet in the waiting list for this new feature, but maybe Apple will think this thoroughly and decide to equip their whole trio with this potential feature.

Samsung, LG, Huawei, and other such smartphone companies have launched smartphones that are equipped with three-lens rear cameras, and the fans adore them. For example, the P20 from Huawei uses a monochromatic, a telephoto and a standard lens, all contributing to taking great pictures. The LG V50 offers a combo of a standard, wide, and zoom lens that Apple would potentially include in their next generation of iPhones.

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