IOS 13 Latest Update – All We Know, and you Would Love

We already know that WWDC has a star this year and that will be the iOS 13. You might have been underwhelmed when iOS 12 was released, but this year with the next generation of Apple’s operating system you will see that the features included are better. If you want to have an idea of what it will look like, we provided you with the potential additions:

Redesigned home screen

Thanks to the release of iOS 13 the Apple users will benefit from a redesigned home screen. There is one rumor that suggests that the new changes will not have a significant impact on the iPhone, but rather on the iPad.

Dark mode

We are not sure, and maybe not even Apple, if people only want the dark mode because they do not have it or because they genuinely need it. Some users do not even think of it, but some others have been very local about not having it on their iOS devices.

Volume HUD overhaul

To get around to this one, Apple spent more than a decade to conquer it. Even though the intrusive volume HUD outlived its purpose way back in the past, Apple might finally do away with it in the iOS 13.

Revamped iPad apps

A number of changes will be introduced on the iPad by the iOS 13, and that includes a redesigned Photos app, revamped files app, and support for tabs.

New Emojis

Unfortunately, we will not get any new emojis as soon as iOS 13 will be released, but some might be introduced along with the subsequent iOS updates.

Wish List

One feature that many people would want, apart from those mentioned above, would be the possibility to tinker with the camera settings without leaving the camera app.

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