Greenland’s glaciers are melting way too fast and the OMG program wants to find out why

A NASA program called OMG is working really hard on finding the reasons behind the melting of Greenland’s ice. Keep reading if you want to find out what the researchers discovered so far.

What‘s the main issue in Greenland?

The recent Greenland’s problem is that the ice is melting in a very alarming way. In August, 11 billion tons of ice melted in one day and these climat change repercussions made scientists from around the world concerned about this situation.

What‘s the specialists‘ goal?

The researchers want to figure out the reason behind the warm waters around Greenland’s glaciers because that’s how the melting is happening so fast.

The warm waters lead to the extremely fast melting, which leads to the rise of sea level. That’s actually very alarming and we can’t ignore the problem anymore.

More about the program that is in charge with this situation

The program is actually called Oceans Melting Greenland. Josh Willis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the leader of the program and he told us something very scary. He said that the ice from Greenland is able to raise sea levels by 25 feet around the world, not only in the Greenland’s area.

It‘s not just Greenland‘s issue

Yes, you heard that right. That means that we are all affected by this phenomenon, even if we had the impression that Greenland is an isolated place and that we are safe no matter what happens there. Josh Willis said that the effects of the ice melting can be seen even in Australia.

The Oceans Melting Greenland program is constantly working on finding out more details about the glaciers because the scientists know the damage that they can cause. The OMG team also managed to make a new map of the seafloor and the things are not looking great.

That’s all we have so far on Greenland’s situation. We’ll keep you updated.

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