Google Wants To Make a Foldable Pixel Smartphone, But We’ll Have to Wait For It

Google has already ventured into the smartphone market with the Pixel phones, but they’re also planning to make a foldable Pixel smartphone in the future. Considering that Google has created the Android OS to work with existing foldable phones, it would be obvious they’d made a foldable Pixel variant as well.

The first proof of a foldable model was revealed in March when we saw a patent that described how a foldable Pixel smartphone would look and feel.

“I Definitely Need to Have This”

The company had made their intentions known about foldable phones when Google’s head of Pixel Mario Queiroz stated that the company was experimenting on creating one:

“We’re definitely prototyping the technology. We’ve been doing it for a long time.”

However, no other details surfaced – how it will look and when it will be showcased. He did admit that while the foldable phone’s general idea is to bring a compact screen and a bigger screen into one single smartphone, the demand and interest is quite low:

“The use case is going to need to be something where you go, ‘Hey, I definitely need to have this.’ Right now, you don’t need to have a foldable. It’s kind of a ‘nice-to-have.”

Until now, there are no leaks or rumors on how the foldable pixel would look like. One simple search on the internet will show zero results if you look for foldable pixel – there are no renders or images with such a prototype, meaning that the company has not yet begun working on a foldable Pixel.

What Queiroz did reveal was that the company is “prototyping foldable displays and many other new hardware technologies,” but that they would not announce them yet. At Google I/O there was no mention of a foldable Pixel, and it is obvious why – the company had their hands full with the affordable Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

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