GOG Galaxy 2.0 comes with impressive features

Lots of complains about Epic Games and Epic Games Store are unjustified but some have a point. There are a couple of reasons why people don’t want to transfer even if they keep using Origin, Discord and so on, more than before.

GOG is now attempting to remove all limitations in gaming with their new GOG Galaxy 2.0, with some of the features included in the list below.

One Library

Upload all your games from consoles and PC and categorise them into one main collection


You can fully customize your library views

Game Launcher

Import, install and play any PC game you want

Game Stats

Record your achievements, hours spent playing and the games you own, linked across all platforms

Games Discovery

Discover upcoming releases, and find other games

These are only the base options of the upcoming service, with a more amazing feature being the link to consoles, although it won’t have the ability to open a title on the console. Besides the games, other features are being prepared by GOG Galaxy 2.0:

Leaderboards lets you see the ranking

Activity Feed allows you to see other players’ achievements, their time spent playing and most recent accessed games

Cross-platform Chat lets you chat with your friends regardless of the platform they are on

All these impressive features will be brought by a service which will apparently not be spying on the user’s data on their computer, also will never share a user’s data with any third-party. Also, the company behind GOG Galaxy 2.0 also says that if you want to eliminate all your data from their servers, you’re only be one click away from this option.

The service can also be optimized with new features because of open-source integrations. Each modification you make to your account is automatically saved in the cloud and synced with all the devices. This allows you to save your customized library, your games or friends.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 brings forth every feature GOG Galaxy already has, but it also includes brand new ones such as Auto-Updates to keep your GOG.COM games updated, Enhanced Experience regarding the new library setting and friends features. Other impressive features is the Cloud Saves, automatically backed up and synced across all your devices, Multiplayer & Matchmaker feature, which provides matchmaking and online play, also the Rollbacks feature which allows you to restore previous versions if an update modifies it.

You can try out GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta version at the moment until the official release will appear.

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