Fraud Exists in the App Industry As Well

Many people have found that in the official app stores there are a ton of malicious apps hiding. Even though the malicious apps are supposed to be prevented by the stronger system that the official app stores have, it does not work as good as expected.

One of the worsts is the Google Play Store. Clipper malware found a couple of weeks ago some bag thing.

Unfortunately, the situation has become even worse as mobile ad fraud schemes have been found in a bunch of apps. With that being said, you should check whether your phone has been infected or not.

What is Android doing to your data?

Last week it was announced by the researchers at Oracle that a piece of bad advertising software was discovered hiding in some Android apps. A malicious code called DrainerBot has infected hundreds of apps, and it is believed to have come from a Software Development Kit (SDK). Over 10 million people have installed the infected apps.

To be more precise, fraudulent, invisible video ads are sent by the malicious code delivers in order to infect the devices. After that, the ad network receives some reports and so on.

Since there is also a video ad that runs behind the scenes, this could end up costing you a small fortune because taking into consideration the fact that you do not see them, you never know what is happening.

The problems that might result from this include shorter battery life. Your battery will be drained way faster than usual. Your phone will even die earlier due to overheating.

In addition to that, your data will be eaten by these ads at the speed of a blink. You might end up using even 10 extra GBs of data monthly which is not great for your wallet.

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