Fortnite Is Not the Problem When It Comes to the Problems of EA, Take-Two, and Blizzard

Fortnite has come with many surprises in the gaming world for the past few years, becoming from a new game to the most-wanted in a quite a short period.

Its great success has raised a lot of questions regarding the future video game companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Take-Two Interactive, that might show an intense competition on the gaming market.

At the beginning of February, EA and Take-Two have released their third-quarter earnings. Activision Blizzard also. They all saw major declines in their shares.

Some analysts said that the problems encountered by these top companies aren’t really about the competition with Epic Games, which is the company that produced Fortnite. One of the reasons may be that the expectations are way too high and are very easy to point fingers at Fortnite. Pretty much every game that appears is compared with Fortnite when it comes to popularity, but really, there’s no comparison.

It would actually be quite silly to assume that Fortnite is the only reason there why the top gaming companies have problems, as said by an analyst called Daniel Ahmad, who’s from Niko Partners.

How did the companies comment on this?

These three companies were asked to comment on this matter. Take-Two Interactive declined to do so, and Electronic Arts, together with Activision Blizzard did not even respond to CNBC’s requests to comment on this matter.

Right now, we have no clear conclusion of why these top gaming companies face these problems because they would not comment on the matter. However, we are sure of one thing: it’s not Fortnite to blame, there are surely other problems going in those companies, and we do not know anything for sure – not until they decide to make all things clear.

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