Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue Will Get You Emotional

If you are ready for some Final Fantasy feelings, we have just what you need. In Final Fantasy XV the antagonist was Ardyn. Recently, a short was released by Square Enix and if offers us more info about him. More specifically, it presents the backstory of the character, which appears to be a tragic one. The short lasts 15 minutes.

The video can be considered a prologue for the Final Fantasy XV. In the short we can see the events which took place before those of Final Fantasy XV. More specifically, it takes place 35 years before Final Fantasy XV. We have a chance to learn the story of Ardyn and Somnus, his brother. They are both fighting to be the rightful heir to the throne.

Heartbreaking story

As strange as it might seem, the short does manage to make us feel bad for Ardyn and it changes the way we perceived the characters. You can watch the entire short at this link. The short can be considered a trailer for the DLC which should be launched very soon.

We won’t offer you any spoilers, so it is best just to watch it for yourself. Fans have already discussed about the animation and the voice acting of the short, as they are both impressive. The short is not different from the animated shorts which came out before Final Fantasy XV was released.

If you are a Final Fantasy fan and you have played the latest game, you must take a look at the animated short. You might be surprised to discover that it can change the way you feel about the story. After the credits you will also get an actual trailer for the Episode Ardyn DLC.

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