Everyone Wants Windows 11, But Will It Be Released?

In the summer of 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10, and it is now the latest operating system that comes with a Smart Menu, support for virtual desktops, Cortana and many new features. Of course, as with all operating systems, it gets continuous updates, support and whether we like it or not – bugs and errors.

And this is where everyone on the Internet is at: they’re asking left and right when Windows 11 is going to be released.

With the last update which was released in October 2018 – also known as version 1709 or Fall Creators update. It rolled out to the public with bugs, problems and had to be pulled, but once again it was released, and new issues appeared. The update before that was last year in April, which rolled out and only 3% of the systems were updated to the next one. It’s obvious why many users decided not to upgrade, but this is not the best solution to our problems.

Everyone wants Windows 11, but we might not get it at all, considering Microsoft stated that this is the last version of Windows and it will be updated from time to time, but there will be no other big release, wrote David Seidman, a former Security Program Manager at Microsoft on Quora:

“The idea was that they’d ship small updates over time and never do another big release. So it will change, but in small steps rather than big ones. It’s possible they could go a decade that way, and people might actually appreciate it if they focus more on bug fixes, performance and security than new features.”

A New Windows Design: Concept Video of Windows 11

However, this doesn’t keep fans of the Windows 11 theory to tweak and create concept videos of their visions of the next big Windows OS. One YouTuber named Kamer Kaan Avdan who also created concept videos for other old versions of Windows has now worked on how he envisions the future Windows.

His Windows 11 has a different Start menu; it comes with smart animations, curved design, a new search UI, a better dark mode – an ultra dark mode and adaptive cursors. His design also includes the ability to pin tiles to the desktop, which is quite handy.

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