Dream League Soccer 2020 – A Quick Starting Guide

Dream League Soccer 2020, also known as DLS 20, is one of the most popular mobile football games. It is the newest installment from First Touch Games, the company that launched titles like Score Hero in the past.

Owning the FIFPro License DLS resulted in over 3500 real licensed players from the footballing globe.

This short guide will help you kickstart your DLS career most efficiently.

First of all, the game needs 500MB of storage space on your smartphone. That is a moderate requirement for games nowadays, which often means that the game runs nicely on low-end and flagship devices.

In DLS 2020, you get to experience being a team manager by managing and building your Dream Team with the players you fancy. You can build and upgrade your custom stadium, unlock new formations, build training and medical facilities to augment it, and more.

For those who have played DLS in the past, gameplay basics are mostly the same as on past iterations of the game.

It is mostly an updated remake of the classic Dream League Soccer 2019. New additions like scouts and agents are available, plus updated player data.

The game features custom currencies known as Gems which allow players to upgrade their team rapidly.

If you are a new player, you will rapidly get the hang of the controls by playing a few introduction matches.

The key is perseverance. Your Dream Team won’t become a massive success in an instant. Grinding is one of the main ways to achieve success.

You can get started by completing simple formalities like picking a captain or manager.

Picking a manager doesn’t necessarily shape your journey because you can customize him later on during your adventure.

While picking a captain, finding an attacker is typically the go-to way for a robust and high-performance team.

It would help if you stacked up goals to win matches and progress through tournaments.

From that point, you get redirected to a match to understand the fundamentals controls of the game.

You can skip the match if you are already familiar with the basic controls.

The controls are mostly straightforward – There are three buttons (A, B, and C) on the bottom right-hand area of your device to help you control what’s going on.

After you complete the tutorial, you are granted 1500 coins and 75 gems.

In career mode, you have to focus mainly on your career as you progress through the game.

The top teams fight against each other in eight divisions of the Global Dream League. You’ll discover elite clubs and their players as you advance through divisions on your path to success.

You begin as an under-average team in the Academy division with low-performance players in your squad. As you play and earn coins, you will continuously progress towards forming a Dream Team.

Each time you finish a game, there is an option to watch a 30-second ad in turn for extra coins. We highly suggest that you watch that ad because those extra coins significantly stack up in the long run.

One of the main ways to achieve greatness is to upgrade your facilities and stadium. You should spend most of the coins wisely to boost your journey to success.

Upgrading the Training Centre is beneficial because it unlocks formations and decreases your coaches’ costs, while upgrading the accommodation allows you to increase your squad’s size.

Objectives are a must. They are the easiest way to obtain gems, which are crucial for progression.

Starting from this year, Coaches can train players according to their development potential. Coaches can be purchased with gems. The price of a coach is proportional to its rarity.

It is highly recommended that you don’t use coaches unless you own the players you want to form your dream team.

Also, playing online is essential, as you get awarded gems. The leaderboard gets reset every week, which means that you get a chance to earn easy gems each week. The more time you spend playing, the better you get, and the likelier it is to get less experienced rivals, which translates to an easy profit.

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