Dragon Age Characters Are Going Out to Proper Dates

Massive holes in the sky and civil wars, unfortunately, keep Dragon Age characters from going out on proper dates because they do not have time to do so. However, to keep the flame of the Valentine’s Day alive, David Gaider, the former BioWare writer, decided to share the dream date of his characters. Most of them are wholesome and lovely. Surprisingly somehow even Zevran’s.

One of some player’s favorite Dragon Age buddy is Alistair. Even if he becomes King, he keeps his goofiness and dumbness. He is filled with cunning, ambitious, magical folk and he is very much an outlier among a roster. He is not that special or better than a regular guy. There is nothing lame about bowling, so his dream date is also very sweet.

What some players might consider a travesty is the fact that in Origins Zevran did not have the special ability to offer sex as an apology. With that being said, it might be because a mandolin performance’s natural conclusion would be murder.

The obsession Cassandra has for the terrible novels that Varric writes are some delicious parts of the Inquisition because their performance is so theatrical that is sound like a perfect date. And because they are always great, a play-related guest should be in every fantasy RPG.

Even though this sounds all sweet and cute, some players still have their hesitation. According to a player, they are too burnt by ‘made for PC Gamers by PC Gamers’ and they can’t believe a thing about Dragon Age these days.

Another player says that recently Dragon Age stuff has begun popping up more. To this comment, another player answered that is happening due to its forthcoming sequel. Before they start their full marketing campaign, it is essential to refresh the name of an IP in people’s mind.

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