Borderlands 3: The Game Will Be Full of Black Humor, but It Will Not Be Insensitive

The Gearbox producer, whose name is Chris Brock, has talked about the plot of Borderlands 3. He said that the adventure awaits and that the new Hunter of the Crypt will remain in the groove. There is a storyline that comes with a lot of humor.

While Gamescom 2019 took place, Brock talked about the vision of the company. He explained that in the past, they have acted in a specific way with regards to the plot of the game and the humor is involved. However, now, they are talking about it, and there is more to say. The study is not little, they have 400 people in Dallas, and other 100 people in Quebec, they are trying to make the jokes so that everyone can get them and can accept all of them.

The series deals a lot with black humor

With regards to the primary campaign, the series often has black humor, and it deals with some specific issues in the missions from there. The secondary activities are related to free-roaming. Chris Brock thinks it’s fair to say that in his team, everyone gets to have an opinion, but that they need to cooperate like a team and understand that they all do their best when it comes to making the series amusing, but also following, without actually being insensitive, or cruel. In their studio, they have a diversified culture, and they want to represent it.

Not long ago, the same leaders of Gearbox have talked about the opening of a unique team of authors and many writers, that have a secret weapon that they are going to use for Borderlands 3. For now, we cannot do anything but simply wait.

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