Best Methods to Turn Off iPhone X / XS

Turning off an iPhone in the past was easy enough. You just needed to press a button. And that button was at the top of the phone. After pressing the power button you had a slider on the screen that you needed to activate to confirm the shutdown.

Because people don’t usually turn off their phones very often, Apple has shifted things around with the introduction of the iPhone X and XS. Turning off these phones requires a little more effort. The side lock button now has a couple of new functions. Siri has been moved there as well as Apple Pay. So, how do you turn the iPhone off?

Shutdown with buttons

A button power off can still be used on the new iPhones. But pressing the lock key that used to be the power button does not work. What you need to do is press the lock button together with a volume button.

Keep pressing them both for a few seconds and you will get the slider to shutdown. If you do not hold down the keys, you will get a popup that you do not want. Either Siri, Apple Pay, locking the phone, or taking a screenshot.

Shutdown with Settings

If you can’t be bothered to keep pressing the buttons, there is another option. Go to Settings – General – Shut Down and move the slider. The Shutdown option is at the bottom of the screen, near to the Reset. Don’t press that one.

Shutdown with Assistive Touch

In case you’re having issues with your buttons, you can create a digital one with Assistive Touch. The virtual button has a lot of uses. Enable it and press Shut Down when needed. You can also restart your iPhone with this function.

Settings – General – Accessibility – Assistive Touch – Enable – Select Shut Down

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