Apple Music or Apple Store Accessing Issues and Its Fixes

Owners of iOS 11 devices have been experiencing problems with accessing Apple services such as Apple Music and App Store.

Overnight many reports began to be seen on Twitter regarding the App Store downtime with users even claiming that the issue has been going on for more than a day. With that being said, we are sure that this issue has to do specifically with iOS 11.

Many reports are also featured in a thread on the jailbreak subreddit that talk about ongoing connectivity problems from which iOS 11 devices suffer. A decent chunk of iOS 11 usage is taken up by jailbreakers as the variant for the next one is not yet widely available. However, at this stage, this problem does not affect only jailbroken devices.

Some people figured out how to restore access to App Store by changing the date on their phones back to 29th of January. This is proof that the roots of the cause stay in the outdated security certificates somewhere in the services provided by Apple.

Obviously, the social media is full of conspiracy theories about Apple trying to encourage people to update to iOS 12 by disabling services on iOS 11. However, it is not Apple’s goal to force upgrades, so this motive is unlikely to be true especially as it makes it hard for users to access its revenue-generating services.

Some time ago the downtime for Apple’s services had been confirmed by the company on its System Status page. This issue affects Apple Music, App Store, and iTunes Store. Even though some people can still access these services, they might not work as fast as usual.

Are you experiencing any issues with these services provided by Apple? Does it work if you upgrade to iOS 12?

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