Anno 1800 is To Be Removed From Steam On April 16th

Everyone who loves RTS (real-time-strategy) and city building games has played at least one of the Anno games. This is one of the world’s most successful gaming franchises and therefore, it should come as no surprise Anno 1800 has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people on Steam. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for Anno 1800 fans. The game is going to be discontinued on Steam on April 16th.

Anno 1800 is Being Removed from Steam

The city building game is going to be removed from steam on April 16th. Therefore, we are advising all PC players who want to play the game via Steam to purchase and download it as soon as possible because time is running out. For those who are unaware, the reason why Anno 1800 is being removed from Steam is because the game is moving over to the Epic Store.

Moving to the Epic Store

As all gamers surely know by now, the Fortnite maker has created its own game library that rivals Steam. Even though this might not seem like such a big problem, the Epic Store is actually quite hated by the PC gaming community. PC players are used to Steam and they have already downloaded hundreds of games on Steam and they don’t want to also download the Epic Store on their units.

While this might seem like an issue of commodity, this isn’t actually the case. The problem here is that Epic Games is striking deals with game developers in order to make their games exclusive to the Epic Store with the last Metro game and the upcoming Borderlands 3 being the perfect examples of that. Just like every major entertainment company is launching their own video streaming services, the same is happening in the gaming industry and PC fans are not liking it.

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