A New iPad Generation May Be On Its Way In 2019

Apple’s iPad has remained one of the most popular tablet devices since it was first released back in back in 2009.  As years passed several versions of the device were released and many improvements were added.

The latest iteration of the standard iPad was released in the spring of 2018. It was well-received by the public but some thought that the Apple failed to provide the improvements that usually justified the price tag.

A reliable source claims that Apple may have listened to the fans. It is thought that the Cupertino company is currently working on two iPad models.  One of them is the 2019 version of the iPad. The other one could be a new iPad mini tablet.

While the baseline iPad was updated in 2019 three years passed since the last iPad Mini update was released in 2015. The ultraportable tablet has remained very popular among certain users. The demand is so big that the fourth generation if iPad mini is pricier than the basic iPad, with the difference between them reaching $60.

In the age of large screens, some thought that we will not see another iPad mini but Apple seems to believe in the device. A refreshed iPad min would certainly attract many people that want to have all the benefits of an iPad and a small device that can be taken almost everywhere.

Possible changes

It is likely that the hardware of the iPad mini will be refreshed. A faster processor and more RAM would be a great addition. The size should remain the same but a slimmer version would be a notable achievement.

The 9.7-inch screen has been the standard size the first iPad was launched. Apple could decide to make the screen a little bigger but it seems most people are happy with the current dimensions of the device.

It would be wonderful if Apple added support for the second generation of the Apple Pencil. Until an official announcement arrives in the following months we can only hope that the next iPads will be great.

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