Best Classic PC RPGs to be Ported to Consoles

A selection of the most popular PC RPGs titles will arrive on the consoles later in 2019. The titles will be provided by publisher Skybound Games and Beamdog. The latter is already known for the delivery of enhanced versions of iconic Dungeons& Dragons PC titles….

Chrome may soon be able to detect harmful URLs

In recent years phishing scams have continued to evolve on par with the technology. Google is currently working on a new protocol that should allow users to identify the dangers posed by some URLs that could be infected with malware. The new feature has been…

Ivacy VPN proves to be one of the BestVPN’s out there!

There’s a reason why we didn’t put a space between ‘BestVPN’. The BestVPN awards 2019 were held in Las Vegas recently, and it goes without saying that Ivacy VPN stole the show by surfacing in many categories: It was declared as being the FASTEST VPN….

Should Mac users download Adobe Flash Player on their device?

Is Flash Safe for Mac? In order to not waste time, yes, Flash can run on Mac, and you will not come upon any major issues. However, it is not officially supported by Apple so with that being said some tweaking might be required first….

Best EDM Software that Help you Get Top Quality Tracks this year

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is something a lot of content creators dream about. DJs, budding music artists, radio editors and other creative people who have turned sounds into a living know what we are talking about. Apart from the aforementioned specialists, a lot of people…

A New iPad Generation May Be On Its Way In 2019

Apple’s iPad has remained one of the most popular tablet devices since it was first released back in back in 2009.  As years passed several versions of the device were released and many improvements were added. The latest iteration of the standard iPad was released…